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No one wants region locks. All consoles to date have been hacked. (OK not the Wii U, YET)


Wii (No Mod)

OK, it's fairly simple. Here's what you want to do:

Follow these instructions to setup Smash Stack: []
At step 4 where it tells you to put a .elf file on the root of the SD card, put the .elf from Gecko OS, here: []

(the .elf is found at Gecko1931\Gecko1931\HBC\Gecko1931\boot.elf within the zip download)
Just stick that boot.elf file on the root of your SD card, and then use the Smash Stack exploit. Gecko OS will load. Switch the disc for the import game and choose "Launch Game".

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nintendoregionfree is not affiliated with Nintendo.